The school house system is another of the unique aspects of life at DBIS. Each child and each member of staff is assigned to one of the four houses in the system. These houses are named as follows:

  • Bristol
  • London
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester

We use this house system to generate enthusiasm, commitment and high achievement amongst the students. Students are awarded house points for behaviours such as being helpful, kind or supportive, for exceptional achievement in class, for consistent adherence to the school ethos or for other notable behaviour.  Each individual students house points accumulate and we announce the results for the highest performing house on a regular basis. The students become highly invested in getting points for their house so that they can celebrate as the  winning house. The excitement and enthusiasm that this personal investment in gaining house points gives to the students has a phenomenal effect on so many aspects of the students behaviour both personal and academic. The house system is one of the determinants of the wonderful DBIS school dynamic through which students acquire pride in themselves, a strong sense of personal achievement and the respect for themselves and others that comes from contributing and belonging to the school community.