At Dohuk British International School, our mission is to provide the most academically rigorous Teaching and Learning environment currently available in Kurdistan. Our educational brand is modeled on the best practices enshrined in the UK Cambridge and Oxford school curricula as exemplified in the leading British and International schools. We aim to provide for the children of Kurdistan an education that is the equal of that provided by any of the top schools in the UK. We achieve this aim by the application of the latest and most robust pedagogical innovations and teaching practices that will give your child academic qualifications and personal development goals that are second to none. Our International Teaching Staff, the majority of whom are British or American natives, will prepare your child for an Tertiary academic career at top-flight international Universities and for the highest success in their future.

Our unique school ethos of "A British Education for the Whole Child" is the foundation upon which all of our efforts and successes are built. We believe that the best educational outcomes are achieved through nurturing and stimulating all of the aspects of a child's personality. Therefore, we place equal importance on cultivating academic excellence, personal integrity, emotional maturity and moral strength in all of our students. This integrative approach to education has been proven to develop most strongly the academically gifted, responsible, innovative and ethical individuals who will be enabled to take advantage of all of the educational and professional opportunities that will become available to them globally following a successful education at DBIS.