Duhok British International School is the second school in the Rast Education Group portfolio, whose sister school in New Zakho was the founding member. The school in Duhok opened in September 2015 to provide the high educational standards enshrined in the Rast Educational philosophy , to the people of Duhok. Rast Education Group and its portfolio of schools was the brainchild of Mr Abu Barzan and his son, Mr Shivan Ibrahim, of the Rast Corporation. These founding fathers of the school group had the vision to see that an essential requirement for the future of Kurdistan was the provision of the highest standard of education available for the children of this great country. This vision of the centrality of education to a nation's future led them to the selfless determination to create an organisation whose founding principle was to build a world-class educational institution that utilised the most globally respected pedagogical theoretical frameworks and world-leading paradigms of teaching and learning practise, to bring to the children of Kurdistan a unique educational experience that would put them at the forefront of the international student body. In order to bring this vision into reality, they headhunted world-class education professionals who could help them to create the school mission and ethos upon which the structure of the organisation was to be built. This would involve attracting leading teaching practitioners from top-flight international schools, intelligent school environmental design to enhance the student experience, and the implementation of the latest technological teaching tools to support the delivery of the curriculum. With this solid foundation in place the first Rast Education school was opened in New Zakho in September 2014, to be followed one year later with this our school in Duhok. This has truly been a great adventure that has brought, and will continue to bring, untold benefits to the children and people of Kurdistan.