Early Years and Primary all have certificates to celebrate having had such a great year. Next year will be even better!

Our end of year surprise was a visit from the most amazing magician in town: Moeshel the Magnificent! As you can see from the photos, magic really happens in our school.



Year 4 had an amazing trip to Carrefour as you can see from the pictures. Last week Year 5 and 6 went, and everyone had so much fun that we asked if Year 4 could go too. Carefour really excelled and the whole school knows what a wonderful time everyone had. Even the teachers loved it!




We are delighted to announce that registration for Summer School is open.

This is open to ALL students in Dohuk and in  Zakho and will be based at out sister school – Zakho British International School – from the 1st July for six weeks. Places are limited so please contact them as soon as you can. It’s only $300 ($50 a week) and it will improve fluency and give a boost to children’s confidence in English, and there are lots of fun activities planned.



Dr. Manhal, who is one of our key parents at the school, discussed the changes that are happening with the Principal of Dohuk British International School, Liz Allan. As the school is expanding we have 7 International Teachers starting with us in September. All our staff are fully trained in how to use the Cambridge Curriculum and have the qualifications to prove it. We are also expecting our books to be delivered before the end of this term, and teachers will be planning the courses for next year.  Our school exams next year will be taken from the Cambridge progress tests so parents and teachers know that we are on target. Next year will have some very exciting changes!



Meet the school council team. We see here our wonderful school council representatives with their school council co-ordinator Miss Helen, our principal Ms Allan and vice principal Mr Peter.

In DBIS we value the thoughts, ideas and opinions of all our students and school council is one way of ensuring the voice of the students is heard and has an impact on the development of the school. All the councillors have worked extremely hard this year, helping to improve our school. DBIS is so grateful for all their time and effort. They have had some great ideas and suggestions that we have implemented. Well done, 2017-2018 school councillors!



Dear students, parents, and guardians,

Please note that tomorrow is not a holiday. As an International School, our days off are not always the same as local schools. We expect our students to be as usual.

Best wishes,

Principal Allan



Wednesday the 11th April Nursery and Reception 1 and 2 are off on a trip to the Zoo and to Azadi Park! We will go round the zoo to see all of the animals, and then off to the park to have some fun, a picnic, and an ice cream!



Dear parents / Guardians,

*On Monday 12th March 2018 you will receive a Report Card from your child’s class teacher.

This will detail your child’s attainment and effort in each academic subject in term two.

*On Tuesday 13th March 2018 – from 3:15 pm to 6 pm we will be holding a Parents’ Review Meeting in school about the reports.



The Principal of Dohuk British International School, Liz Allan, was invited to the University of Dohuk to give a presentation on the value of teaching pronunciation in class and some teaching tips that teachers can use. Here she is sharing her passion for education and talking about student centered lessons, the importance of classroom management, and lesson planning. As we say here at DBIS, we offer ‘A British Education for the Whole Child’ and that includes developing soft skills, Emotional Intelligence, and critical thinking skills.
Dohuk British International School is currently working on a project with the University of Dohuk where some of the Year 4 students from the university are gaining some practical experience in school. Our school teachers are all very qualified and experienced and are passing on some of their skills to the new generation of teachers.


  • We would like to celebrate the end of a successful Term 2, and welcome the start of spring, by taking Years (3,4,5 and 6) on a trip to Dohuk Mall cinema on Thursday 8th  March 2018 to watch a movie. The cost per child is 10,000 IQD, and includes the ticket, a drink and some popcorn.
  • Thursday 8th March 2018, is Kurdish Flag Day /Kurdish uniform day and so everyone is welcomed to wear Kurdish clothes. If children don’t want to wear Kurdish clothes they must come in their uniform. No jeans or trainers. Please be informed that no home food are allowed to bring to school.


  • The Ministry of Education has informed us that all schools, including ours, will be off tomorrow (5th March) and the (11th March) 2018.

  • There is a Fun Run at our sister school in Zakho for the charity for cancer therapy on Saturday 10th March 2018. Please fill in the form for your child and remember to give 5000 IQD for the fee as soon as possible. We need to know who wants to come as soon as possible as we will be taking some of the children by bus.